Cobb and Ana play King of the Hill
Don and Ch. Neumann's Jim SchH III
Nancy and Jendhi Shepherds' Amanda                   at their first trial
Heather and Sel. Ch. Jendhi Shepherds' Tomahawk
Sally - Don - Jaguar van Noort SchH III
Therapy visit - Jendhi Shepherds' Shadowhawk with Nancy and Miss Kitty with Jennifer
Bo Peep and her sheep?
Spoiled rotten?
Dog show weather!!!
Finally got the old recliner out of the house but can't get Don to give it up!
Jendhi Shepherds
"What should be - can be"
V Hassan vom Wildsteiger Land SchH III, IP III, HIC
Ah, this is the life!
Banzai and Shaman members of the 13 club!
In Memory of Shaman June 1992 - October 2005
Jendhi Shepherds' Shaman CD, SchH I, CGC, TDI, HIC
                   OFA Good Hips and Elbows
March 1992 - June 2006
Banzai vom Germelhaus
Jendhi Shepherds' Cassandra HIC